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My girlfriend and I have talked about it every day that a threesome, me and two girls and himself with two men. More often, the conversation would result in a rule, after having sex and then one night voyeurcentre after a session of the three agreed, when he could have her first, so you liked that ok. So I hung up our plan into action and campaigning for a good person to participate in voyeurcentre this site, where a lot of responses, but had my eye friends was a guy named Keith, skin dark hair and olive at least a good 8 inches uncut, this is the one who told me they wanted a threesome with him. We exchanged several messages and finally agreed to meet at a hotel in Braintree. my partner ready for the night to take the time to shower, shave pussy and dressing himself, but not slutty in style. Are you ready now or never asked, she smiled and said you can do. arrived at the hotel around 19:00 sharp and voyeurcentre then headed to the bar, sat Ange, while gcould ot drink my way and voyeurcentre then she sat down beside me say I was nervous but excited at the same time. Soon after, Keith came into the bar and came to us to come, I went to the bar, while Ange and Keith first met, it was deliberately at the bar voyeurcentre for a while, so they can enjoy each other's company, after some time i went to the bathroom and when I was in his hand to see Keith tail, I smiled, walked over and gave him I think it's time he went up. If we got into the elevator Keith grabbed Ange and began to kiss passionately as he did, I started with her ​​pussy through her ​​pants to rub. The elevator came to our apartment and we all went and entered our room. I told Ange, undress and lay down in bed, so a good girl when she learned that they could see her pussy with enthusiasm, rubs her pussy told him I did, while Keith and I finally was, that's when we first saw his cock is huge, the word to describenow had two fingers in her and began to moan, Keith and I went to bed, two pages of In less than a nipple to suck, and nibble nips started all fully erect, she moaned with pleasure I put two fingers and pulled it until Keith has the same, by far, on two fingers and both of us carefully open her pussy. Leave a rooster say so Keith nodded suck me, be my friend invited up without notice and offered his cock to Keith voyeurcentre in the mouth, they kept it with her tongue and began licking pre -cum slowly shaking whist his cock. Now I had my way up Anges pussy and slowly began to lose now, dripping pussy, her juices flowing and would really new in the time it takes until she cums. with Keith was sucking cock in the mouth as much as possible and complained Keith, is not really surprising, since knowing how to suck a dick. On the hips, now moves up and down andI knew she was going to end, so I licked her clit hard and fast and Bosh, when exploded in the mouth, so as well and I Taisto greedy licking her pussy enjoying every drop of it, voyeurcentre it seemed that cum for ages. Give me suck your cock, I want two cocks in her mouth so she brought me to put my cock in her mouth and started sucking, Keith grabbed him and then suck mine suck cocks alternately looked like a real bitch, I had never seen and was an active and then withdrew both our penises in his mouth and started sucking them both at the same time, his mouth was full of our cocks filled her mouth stretched. Keith shit, I asked, said Keith knelt between the legs of the offer and began slowly rubbing his big cock up and down her voyeurcentre slit, moaning and asked that their soil, easily slid his cock Adoo Keith Anges dripping hot pussy, voyeurcentre pushed like a moan, so I grabbed her head and told her keep suckingmy dick, she stuffed a big way, pounding her pussy while Keith hit my mouth, I count the time that was lost, and voyeurcentre I asked Keith to the back and told me to sit on his cock in me both had stepped back and looked for a while, while she was the tail of this type. I moved a little lubricant in our pockets and put a big stain on my hands, went on Ange beautiful ass and began her ass, while Keith took even a finger, she looked at me and knew what would happen. I lubricated his cock and gave her tight little ass, gently pushing in, Ange moaned with pleasure that my cock slid in the ass all feel that God is so, so good, he liked a cock in her ass and one in the pussy that sense, it seemed an eternity before we both knew that Keith and I went to get cum. Ange went up and said, kneeling on the bed and start sucking cocks we knew that would be poured into the hot spunk, sUcked our tails for a while, Keith announced that he was about to end, so he started to jerk his cock and wild, that is, to take the first consignment of semen hit in the face, Keith emidiately put the cock in her mouth charge remaining in the mouth caused this was too much for me and I shot my load for the first time voyeurcentre on the side of the angels face in the mouth after she emidiately Keith Hahn and replaced in the mouth with mine, I empty my sperm, Keith then put his dick in her mouth and sucked on our two cocks milking every last drop, then slowly rubs cock on her face that she loved. Finally, we will focus voyeurcentre on cleanliness, took another drink and bloody all night. Keith finally left after thanking the two. Although this story is a fantasy, which is hung voyeurcentre from a good-looking guy in the future to offer their services.
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